“I hope you’ll run into them..” (2016)



Nell’era del capitalismo globale, le frontiere per lo scambio di merci sono sempre più aperte. Allo stesso tempo, viaggiare da un paese o da un continente all’altro diventa sempre più difficile per molte persone. L’immigrazione verso l’Europa è spesso illegale e pericolosa, o sennò è possibile solo se i lavoratori stranieri sono richiesti. A pochissime delle persone che arrivano in Europa viene concesso asilo. Ma la migrazione non è un fenomeno nuovo; da sempre le persone sono state esiliate e costrette a fuggire.
In the age of global capitalism, the borders for exchange of goods are becoming increasingly open. At the same time, travelling from one country or continent to another is for many people more and more difficult. Immigration to Europe is often illegal and dangerous, or is possible only if foreign workers are needed. Very few people who arrive in Europe are granted asylum. But migration is not a new phenomenon; people have always been exiled and forced to flee.(Tobias Zielony)

“I hope you’ll run into them, they’ve been traveling so long..” (Sisters of Mercy, L. Cohen)

…….Adela came in Austria in eighty nine out of Romania because the political situation had become harder and harder and she couldnt see any futur in her country.
Her financial situation wasn’t that bad but the political icognito, the total lack of freedom and the alltogether fear encouraged her to make the decision to leave. Its now 26 years she’s living in Salzburg. She arrived first walking though the border from Roumania to Jugoslavia Federation and It took her nine days to cross the whole country. They use to sleep and hide into corn fields.
She then arrive into Austria and spend half a month in Traiskirchen.