English version libri allo specchio

The exhibition took place in the salone vanvitelliano of Biblioteca Angelica in Rome, November 2017

Inspired by French artist Sophie Calle’s research, her works – of a conceptual, not a figurative nature – consist of three parts, joined together to shape the network between the book, the reader and the artist, the latter conveying, by means of her images, the very concepts expressed within the text. To use Roland Barthes’ words, de Merode looks for the punctum, the soul of the book that the reader has made his or her own: a word, a sign, a writing, a fold. Through a mediated rather than a direct correspondence, these images constitute the device that allows the text to become a work of art, thanks to the intervention of the artist who visually interprets the thought and generates a tension between words and images, therefore allowing the viewer to enter that “knowledge space” outlined by Michel Foucault. De Merode’s works are on the border between things and words, they express things’ and words’ strength by merging them together, and infusing into them a new sense, with the ability to penetrate the reader and move his or her soul into the work of art.

Ludovico Pratesi (Exhibition Curator)